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Vaccination Voodoo, What YOU Don’t Know About Vaccines
A book every person ought to read, at least once, before submitting to any vaccination for yourself or your children. What you really don’t know about vaccine ingredients—and should—is not told to you by your doctor as part of informed consent every person is entitled to before any medical procedure. Vaccinations are medical procedures, i.e., injections and drugs!

BMJ Case Reports [British Medical Journal]
Premature ovarian failure 3 years after menarche in a 16-year-old girl following human papillomavirus vaccination  Authors: Deirdre Therese Little, Harvey Rodrick Grenville Ward 
(Australian physicians)
 This case study documents premature ovarian failure as the possible adverse event  following vaccination with the HPV vaccine Gardasil®.
The above is an example of an adverse event from vaccinations.
Vaccination Voodoo uses peer-reviewed journal studies, U.S. health agencies information, and other documentation to disclose what's in vaccines that consumers, unfortunately, do not know.

Vaccination Voodoo, What YOU Don’t Know About Vaccines
©2013 Catherine J Frompovich

Foreword Mayer Eisenstein, MD, JD, MPH        
  About Dr. Mayer Eisenstein         
Introduction  Paul G King, PhD        
  About Paul G King, PhD         
Chapter 1  What Are They Trying to Tell Us?                                       
Chapter 2 Vaccine Excipients & Media         
Chapter 3 Chemical Cocktails in Syringes      
Chapter 4 Toxic Heavy Metals in Vaccines  Are Children Machinery Who Need Toxic Metals to be Healthy?
Chapter 5 The Vaccination Quandary by Cilla Whatcott    
Chapter 6 Parents, Be Aware… Big Pharma’s Stealth Attacks Upon You and Your Children’s Health 
Chapter 7 Vaccines: The Bargain Basement Technology for the 20th Century  
Chapter 8 So—That’s Really What’s in Vaccines!     
Chapter 9 Is There A Hidden Infertility Factor in Vaccines?     
Chapter 10 Hidden Factors About the HPV Vaccine Gardasil® and   
  Our Family’s Roller Coaster Ride: Courtesy of Gardasil by Roxie Fiste 
Chapter 11 The Non-Disclosed and Hyper-Allergenic Vaccine Adjuvant  
Chapter 12 Prevnar®, A Controversial Vaccine       
Chapter 13 The Precautionary Principle: Throwing Caution to the Winds 
Chapter 14   Issues No One Talks About          
Chapter 15 Before You Roll Up Your Sleeve, Maybe You Should Know This   
Chapter 16 Something to Think About        
Chapter 17 How Do They Choose Flu Vaccine Strains?      
Chapter 18 Vaccines Newer Ingredients       
Chapter 19 Are Vaccines Medical Science, Global Politics, or Voodoo?   
Vaccine & Vaccination Information Resources      
Appendix A “It is now time for the truth to be told” by Isabella Thomas    
Catherine’s After Thoughts
About the Author 

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