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Catherine's Writing Clients' Books

Author Jane Remington, of Gordonsville, Virginia, has written one of the more ‘revolutionary’ tomes regarding disease and the relatively unknown connection and roles that yeast and fungus play in body ecology and disease.

As a natural nutritionist, Catherine was totally impressed with Jane’s wealth of knowledge regarding diet, nutrition, and the inner workings of the human body.  The book is based on the work of Dr. Sylvia Flesner, ND, who has been working with patients by treating them from the aspect of balancing body chemistry and eliminating the undermining nemesis of health: yeast and fungus.  Harold E. Buttram, MD, wrote the Foreword for this compelling, must-read book.

Catherine was extremely pleased to be the editor and writing consultant for the manuscript phase of Recaging the Beast – The Disease Behind Disease: The Yeast-Fungal Connection that was published by Obsidian in September 2010.

To purchase Recaging the Beast, please access Amazon.com.


Dr. Robert Jenkins- Your Body's Diet

Your Body's Diet provides easy to follow steps for you to gain and maintain health. It indicates the pitfalls of eating too many processed and adulterated foods, and the benefits of eating whole natural food. This book teaches the advantages of portioning the proteins, carbohydrates, and vegetables that make up your meals to avoid digestive health issues like reflux, and weight gain.  Healthful meal suggestions combined with delicious recipes round out this book. 

Chapter 1: Food's Journey Through Your Body.
A basic description of what happens to the food you eat.

Chapter 2: As Your Cells Go.
Discusses nutrient requirements of your body's cells and tissues.

Chapter 3: Water.
The critical requirements of water for proper nervous system
and body function.

Chapter 4: How Sweet It Is.
Understanding good sweeteners and bad sweeteners.

Chapter 5: Know The Score.
Disclosing the many chemical additives and processing
in food.

Chapter 6: Non-Foods and Processed Foods.
Disclosing manufacturing and chemical processing methods in
adulterated food.

Chapter 7: Real Foods.
The benefits of real food for proper functioning physiology.

Chapter 8: Nutrients in Food.

Lists nutrients found in certain foods and lists foods showing their
nutrient content.

Chapter 9: Harmonious Food Combinations:

Critical chapter on portioning foods for health. How to combine
certain foods for proper digestion.

Chapter 10: Acid/Alkaline Balance of Food.

Lists acid and alkaline forming foods. Necessary for creating
harmonious food combinations.

Chapter 11: How to Make Changes:

Easy to follow method on how to change poor dietary habits.

Chapter 12: Creating Healthy Meals

Irene Worthington Baron has been Catherine’s writing client since 2009 during which time Irene has written an extremely thrilling paranormal, sci-fi novel—the first of a trilogy, The Jo’Burg Project – A Mindreach Adventure—which Catherine foresees as being made into a stunning first class, action-packed thriller, big screen movie.  With two more novels in Irene’s writing pipeline, Catherine considers the Mindreach Adventures series to be an adult’s version of the younger generation’s Harry Potter thrillers.

Catherine was Irene’s editor for the manuscript version of The Jo’Burg Project – A Mindreach Adventure, which Catherine could not put down while editing and can’t wait for the next book in the series, and Unraveling the Christmas Star Mystery, a different version of that famous Bible story based upon solid scientific research, since Irene taught the sciences until her recent retirement.



Live To Tell by G.L. Watt    

Catherine couldn’t wait to see this book in print. Gillian Watt, an author who lives in London, incorporated much of that country’s culture and geographical locations to create a novel with extremely intriguing story telling.  Furthermore, Catherine thinks Live To Tell will make a first class cinematic thriller on the big screen.

To give readers a hint from the book’s back cover, “This slow-burning thriller covers the final days of the IRA Insurgency and begins in 1986 when a teenage girl visits Adriatic Italy.  It moves to an Army base in Northern Ireland but is largely set in Central London and the North West London suburb, Maida Vale.”

Live To Tell offers readers a wonderful ‘literary vacation’ and tour of London and beyond.

Live to Tell is available on amazon.com.