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A Cancer Answer
 Holistic BREAST Cancer Management
 A Guide To Effective & Non-Toxic Treatments

     Catherine completed a thoroughly definitive work on holistic breast cancer management that every woman will want to read and own.  She talks candidly about the foremost health problem affecting almost 25 percent of females.  Several physicians have written contributions that women will appreciate reading.

    Dr. Harold E. Buttram, MD, wrote the foreword to the book and had made this comment in an email to the author, “I think your new book will prove to be of historic importance in setting future guidelines of healthcare.  Its logic is irrefutable.”

     If you are interested in knowing more about the book A Cancer Answer, or how to deal with cancer from Catherine's experience, please email Catherine directly at cjf@catherinejfrompovich.com.  



Review of A Cancer Answer by Heather Callaghan of Activist Post - November 22, 2012

Julianna Rose gave A Cancer Answer this 5 star review on the book’s Amazon.com page:

This is an excellent book. Catherine is a wonderful writer. It's as though she is speaking to you as a friend. I have told all the women I love about this book. My daughter is reading it now. There is so much information that is important not only to cancer patients, but to the general public. I will be buying her other books.

Sandy Lunoe also gave a 5 star review on Amazon.com, part of which says:

Highly recommended.  A gem!

This guide provides fathoms of information, explanations and useful recommendations. The layout is most attractive, the author's style of writing is excellent and easy flowing. She shares her personal story of the treatment route she chose for herself, her research and opinions and acquaints readers with what is available in holistic breast cancer therapies and management.

The first part describes the understanding of cancer issues including the role of the immune system in disease and healing, radiation, chemotherapy, mammograms and far more.

The next section focuses on nutrition. The author is a well qualified expert in this field having researched the subject in depth. "Empowering yourself to Wellness" is most inspiring. …..

The last part includes copious information concerning holistic non-toxic healthcare resources: integrative cancer care, doctors who treat the entire body holistically, acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, thermography and many more methods. ….

In the appendix some shocking facts are stated concerning the polio vaccine which up to 100 million people received and which was found to be contaminated with a cancer causing virus strain…   

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

  A Cancer Answer
Holistic BREAST Cancer Management
A Guide to Effective & Non-Toxic Treatments
Catherine J. Frompovich



Table of Contents




Inspiration From the Ages & the Sages



Harold E Buttram, MD

Board Certified, Environmental Medicine



Catherine’s Story


Part I

Understanding Cancer Issues

Chapter 1 Why Do Humans Get Sick? 1

Chapter 2 Cancer

Chapter 3 Breast Physiology

Chapter 4 Male Breast Cancer

Chapter 5 The ‘Psycho-Bio-Physiological Chemistry’

                 That Surrounds Cancer

Chapter 6 The Immune System: A Different Observation

                 of Its Role in Disease and Healing

Chapter 7 Whom or What Can We Trust?

Chapter 8 The Fitzgerald Report

Chapter 9 Radiation: What Is It?

Chapter 10 Chemotherapy and Renal Failure

Chapter 11 Mammograms: The ‘Supposed Gold Standard’

                  for Breast Cancer Diagnostics

Chapter 12 Let’s Talk Mammograms Again


Part II

Holistic Non-Toxic BREAST Cancer SELF-Management

Following the ‘Manufacturer’s Manual’ That Comes With

                   the Human Body

Chapter 13 Empowering YOURSELF to Wellness

Chapter 14 Importance of Nutrition in Managing

                   Breast Cancer

Chapter 15 How the Body ‘Interprets’ Food

Chapter 16 Nutritional Value of Unfamiliar Foods

Chapter 17 Particleboard-like Food

Chapter 18 A Nutritional Case AGAINST Chocolate

Chapter 19 Foods High in Sulfur

Chapter 20 Sample Menu Planning Ideas With Recipes

Chapter 21 Cancer Management Diets

Chapter 22 Antioxidants, Free Radicals, and Exercise

Chapter 23 Water, Hydration, and The Lymphatic System

Chapter 24 Fatty Acids: Are They Essential?

Chapter 25 Curcumin, A Spicy Supplement

Chapter 26 Herbs, Nature’s Natural Remedies

Chapter 27 Sea Vegetables and Fucoidan

Chapter 28 Vitamin D and Breast Cancer

Chapter 29 Vitamins, Minerals, and Amino Acids

Chapter 30 Cancer and Clothing:

                   Is There A Connection?

Chapter 31 Coffee and Cancer:

                   What’s the Connection?

Chapter 32 Sleep: What Does It Have to Do

                   With Breast Cancer?

Chapter 33 Off-the-Wall Stuff

Chapter 34 Holistic PREVENTIVE Measures

                   To Avoid Breast Cancer

Chapter 35 Information Resources

Part III

Holistic Non-Toxic Healthcare Resources

Chapter 36 Integrative Cancer Care / Holistic-

                   Conventional Treatment Facilities for Cancer

Chapter 37 Molecular Medicine Doctors / Medical Doctors

                   Who Treat the Entire Body Holistically

Chapter 38 Hospital San Marc, Mexico Cancer Treatment

                   Center by Julian Mejia, MD

                    Breast Cancer Survivor’s Story, Cure at

                   Hospital San Marc, by Lisa Weir

Chapter 39 Acupuncture

Chapter 40 Chiropractic and Cancer Management

                   by Leo McCormick, DC

Chapter 41 Dentistry, Is There a Toxic Connection

                   to Cancer?

Chapter 42 Homeopathy and Cancer

Chapter 43 Hyperbaric Medicine in Cancer Management

Chapter 44 Reiki, Does It Work?

Chapter 45 Thermography by Philip Getson, DO

                   and Liesha Getson

Chapter 46 Comments From Holistic Physicians

Chapter 47 Breast Cancer Survivors



The Ultimate in After Thoughts


Appendix A The Unknown About Polio Vaccines:

                    SV40 and Cancer